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Nathanael’s Magic Bullet Anti-Viral Anti-Shingles Formula that Saved Me from the Worst Flu Ever!

Our family just survived the worst flu virus any of us have ever known. I truly thought someone was going to die. If you’ve had it this year, you know what I’m talking about! If not, read this post and consider ordering these two simple, easy to take, amazing natural products that will save your butt! I’m not selling anything, but health. And this is not approved by the FDA... yada yada... so take that as you will. And I don’t know how it works for kids so you’ll need to do your own homework on that.

Most of you know that getting rid of the Shingles Virus can take months. However, if you are diligent and disciplined to try the following protocol, you may begin to turn a corner in a matter of days. My late husband, the amazing Nathanael Daggett, was an avid health researcher who had been studying for his Master’s in Holistic Nutrition when he became to ill to complete the degree. However, he never stopped studying about health and healing modalities even up until he went into hospice in June of last year. He compiled this program for his dad in late 2014 when he contracted an acute and horrible bout of shingles after a prolonged period of trauma and stress in our family. We all watched in awe as his dad went from being completely immobilized to walking in a matter of four days! He then stuck with it for two weeks after that until he had absolutely no symptoms at all. It really was miraculous!

Then when this horrible flu struck our household this year and I started to get symptoms, I realized nothing I was taking was working--flu homeopathic; high doses of vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc; ACS nano-silver spray; oil of oregano; mounds of probiotics; garlic; theives oil; oregaspray; biofeedback etc. etc. etc. I gave in and asked his dad to hand over Nathanael's shingles protocol as he was following it to the letter and was the only one in our contaminated home who was not symptomatic. Sadly, it was too late for N’s mom, little sister and my mom to get on this and, be it noted, the colostrum does jack up your estrogen levels so they wanted to pass on that effect. But it completely put my all of my flu symptoms in reverse. It was amazing and I’m so grateful for this helpful gift N left us so I want to share for anyone who wants it in their anti-viral arsenal:

  1. Discontinue arginine rich foods such as: nuts, seeds, gelatin, chocolate, carob, coconut, oats, whole-wheat flour, white flour, soybeans, and wheat germ. Arginine is an amino acid that promotes growth of the shingles virus (and other viruses). Eliminating this from your diet as much as possible is crucial to overcoming the virus quickly. Drink plenty of water with Himalayan sea salt.

  2. Colostrum: take 1 tablespoon of colostrum powder in water 20 minutes before each meal. Sovereign Labs has an excellent source of colostrum. You can read about what it is and also order it here or from Amazon-- click here: Sovereign Labs Colostrum

  3. Vitamin C: take 4-5 grams of vitamin C with each meal (12-15 grams daily); powder or pill form is fine.

  4. Pectasol C (Modified Citrus Pectin--MCP): between meals—2 hours after eating and 1 hour before eating—take 5-10 grams Modified Citrus Pectin in water or juice. Econugenics makes an excellent source. You can read about what it is and also order it here or from Amazon-- click here: Pectasol C

Yep! Just four simple steps, BUT it’s the discipline in following this to the letter that will yield results.

Let me know how it goes!

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