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N’s Obituary in University of Puget Sound Alumni Magazine

N had very few requests of me before he departed. But writing up a notice about his life in our University of Puget Sound (Tacoma, Washington) alumni magazine called ARCHES was one of his wishes. I finally did it. I’m posting it here on the 11 month anniversary of his departure which is a recollection of a very, very sad time for our family. Thankful he is free from all sorrow now. The actual article is here on page 48 of the ARCHES Spring 2016 edition or you can read below.

Nathanael Daggett ’00 passed away on June 16, 2015 in Sedona, Arizona with his best friend of twenty-seven years by his side, Roxie Devine Daggett ’00. Nathanael was 37 years old when he left this earth. He was born in Newport Beach, California to his beautiful parents, Johnny and Hilary Daggett, and was bodysurfing under his daddy’s arm by the time he was six months old. He was a shy kid, but a humble athlete who could surf, mountain bike, and shoot guns like nobody’s business with no need to brag about it. Everything “N” did was full of grace, quietness, and a cadence that brought peace to everyone who was blessed to hang out with him. He came out of his shy spell when he spent a semester abroad studying English and history in Oxford, England. There he became passionate for the words and ways of the past. He had a photographic memory and anytime anyone tried to remember a piece of world history… or anything for that matter, N would calmly intervene with the corrected date, story, or anecdote. He had a sharp sense of humor and was famous for innocently cracking up an entire room with his unexpected wit and nuttiness. His dream was to be a professor of English Literature, but that was not realized because his health took a sharp downhill turn after graduating with a BA in English Literature from UPS in 2000. After years of going to doctors all over the West Coast and in Mexico, N was finally diagnosed with Advanced Lyme Disease complicated by Aplastic Anemia and Advanced Osteoporosis. During his illness, N changed his life course to studying Holistic Nutrition and Alternative Medicine, but was too sick to complete a degree. Instead, he used his incredible memory and understanding of integrative medicine to help him and others find alternative ways to treat complex health issues. His life story is written on a memorial website created by his wife: Nathanael was a strong man who suffered greatly for many years, but in all that his faith in Jesus as His Savior was never shaken. He was a tenacious fighter who outlived the odds and blessed many people along the way. He is survived by his soul mate Roxie Daggett ’00 (a.k.a. Rockobean); his father and mother John and Hilary (a.k.a. Mr. Bear and Cho); little sister Theodora (a.k.a. Feebird); mother-in-law Jamie (a.k.a. Franco); English Staffordshire Bull Terriers Paco and Flora; and many beloved family members and amigos. He is remembered best by his confident and beautiful smile that made even the darkest days full of light.

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