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Sweet Nathanael: 3 Years at Home

Our Nathanael has been in heaven for three earlthy years now. Not a day passes by that we don’t miss his handsome broad smile, unpredictable witty remarks, quiet gentleness, deep Irish-Scottish soulfulness, unparalleled intelligence, childlike innocence, sweet tenderness, loving patience, and endless kindness despite his daily suffering and pain... all the fruits of the Spirit and so much more. As some have said, he was more like an angel than a human. No doubt he was the bravest man most of us have ever met. His suffering was long and deep and lonely. Surely he knew what it was to share in the sufferings of Christ. A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. Like King David of old, he was a man after God’s own heart who faced many painful trials and fears relying daily on His King. He loved God’s Word and only the LORD knows how much his faith was tried through all he endured. Truly his reward is great. His example of faith in Jesus as His Savior still speaks loudly, and I pray his story continues to touch many lives. What an honor, joy and privilege it was to have been ONE with him for over a decade. To have been his best friend for longer than that... and into eternity. A prince among men. His name, memory and love continue to be a source of encouragement and strength to those who love him.

As his 3 year homecoming falls on Father’s Day weekend this year, we remember the unique Jonathan & David bond he had with his father. So much love and devotion one to the other. What a beloved son.

Oh, N. There is NO ONE like you. You still crack us up with your sophisticated yet childlike sense of humor and nutty professor antics. We can’t listen to Dougie MacLean without thinking of you and weeping. All we know about health and taking care of ourselves came from you and Cho. We’d be lost without your guys’ cutting edge wisdom (read: total losers). Your care for us continues even now. We've kept all your subscriptions to Life Extension and Dr. David Williams and the Townsend Letter... and Netflix. Nearly everyday we stumble upon another bit of knowledge and I say, “Well... N told me that like 15 years ago!”

We’re so thankful you can be with your incredible and beautiful Mom, Hilary, forever-- your other best friend. As your Dad says, you made the way for her because you always looked out for her. As was prophesied over you at two years old while you sat on her knee: you took care of your Mother your whole life. We miss you both every single day and you still are both still very much alive to us. As your Dad always says: “They were two of the most incredible Christians I’ve ever known.”

This song was on my heart today as I thought of you. It describes your faith so well. We praise God you both no more see in a mirror dimly, but now face to face.

We love you both so deeply. And we can’t wait to see you again!


Hilary Parnell Marie Burdick Daggett

a.k.a. Hils, Hil, Hilbilly, Moo, Cho, Choey, Chobert, Gomez, Big Fred

(raddest and most FUN human, most beautiful wife like Sarah, most perfect mother, bestest friend, gourmet-est cook on the planet, connoisseur of EVERYTHING good, hard core athlete, childlike lover of Jesus, devoted prayer warrior, humble prophetess, beloved woman of God)

November 3, 1945 to September 9, 2016


Nathanael Alexander Daggett

a.k.a. N, Shlen, Shlenburger, Tubbery, Hunny Boy, Babe, Bear

(handsomest man ever created, incredible hubby, best of the best of sons, loving brother, devoted friend, graceful surfer, wild gunslinger, soulful poet, wise healer, beloved man of God)

December 5, 1977 to June 16, 2015

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Sweet Nathanael

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